Who are we?

Navitronica is Serbian company specialized in River INformation Systems (RIS) and navigation equipment for inland vessels. Years of experience, team of experts and dedicated approach have made NAVITRONICA grow into a reliable partner and trustworthy company.

Navitronica 15

What we do?

NAVITRONICA is general agent and authorized distributor for assistance to navigation manufacturer SEALITE. We sell, install and train crew members for handleing AIS class A transponders and the last generation ECDIS systems. We also sell and install last generation nautical radio stations with ATIS code.

Some of out projects

NAVITRONICA grew into a reliable partner and a trustworthy company. Our technicians and IT experts who took part in EU funded RIS projects are the best proof of our work

NAVITRONICA’s technical team has experience in  installation and commissioning of  IALA DGPS SYSTEMS. Within the RIS SERBIA project was installed and put into operation a complex system which uses a reference station to perform a position correction between position of the vessel obtained by the GPS signal and a fixed known position on the ground. Corrections are made using long-wave radio frequencies. The reference station is connected to a central system that monitors and sends corrections.